Inquiry Sheet
Inquiry No.:
Dealer (Name):
Customer (Name):
1. Name of Work Piece
2. Material (JIS or ISO)
3. Number of Products
4. Working Days & Efficiency (%)
5. Your Work Shift (Hours / Minutes)
6. Time of Order Placement
7. Delivery (When Required)
8. Budget (Your Estimated)
9. Components Drawing No.
10. Requested Machine Type
11. Input Voltage V    Hz    PH   
12. Optical Attachments of Machine
Air Blast
Work Counter
Program Finish Llight (2 Stages or 3 Stages)
13. Optional Functions of CNC Part Program Storage Length (40m, 80m, 160m)
    Run Hour Display
    Custom Macro
    Simulataneous Controllable 3 Axis
    Additional One Axis (Fourth Axis Preparation on Machine?)
14. Others Jigs Hydraulic Air Manual Auto
    Ejector Requested Not Requested
    Tooling Requested Not Requested
    Tools & Holders Supply Not Supplied


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