Semi-Finished, Finished OEM Components and Parts *
Pistons Cam Shafts
  Piston Rings   Crank-Cases and Covers  
  Con Rod Forgings   Cylinder-Heads  
  Engine Valves   Cylinder-Liners  
  Oil Seals   Turbochargers  
  Transmission Belts   Centrifugal Pumps  
  Crank Shafts   Compressors  
  * For Automotive and industrial Applications.  
Factory Raw Materials such as:
Special Steel Wires for of Piston Rings **
  Special Steel Bars for Engine Valves.  
  Steel Tubes for Piston Pins.  
  Mild steel & steel products  
  ** For Top Compression / 2nd Rings & Oil-Control Piston Rings and also for
Spaces and Expanders.

  CNC Macnines & SPMs  
  Die,Moulds                                       & Components  
  Mould Data Sheet

  Production /Mfg.                         Components & Materials

  SPM Acessories                                     & Attachments