CNC Machines and SPMs by Homma

Homma Machines

Flexible and Purposeful Vertical turning machines

Homma Machines Homma Machines
Homma offers Machining Centers for Five Faced Machining for working with Medium and Large
Sized Mould and Die Machining requirements.
Automotive Bumpers and Instrumental Panel like and sized Moulds and Dies can be machined by
using the HOMMA designed Machining Centers.
Double-Column Heavy-Duty Plano-Millers and also Moving-Column Type (Gantry Type)
Machines can be designed by Homma for Special and Specific Customer requirements.
Homma can supply excellent Machining Centers for working with small batches of even In-Line
and also V-Type Engine Blocks for various Rough and Finish Machining Operations.

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